Being a gaijin in Japan: an interesting article on Japan Info

This morning, while surfing on the internet, I stumbled upon an interesting article on It talks about the feeling of being a gaijin in Japan, when you would like to be considered a Japanese after several years and an outstanding Japanese proficiency. Is it that difficult? Are you really so willing to become something else than you are? Continua a leggere Being a gaijin in Japan: an interesting article on Japan Info

Learning a new language: Japanese Particles

Last time, we talked about the way Italian grammar could look weird to a Japanese student. And before studying some foreign language, I had never thought about any difficulty people could have had in learning Italian. By the way, while I think of other ways my native language could be so challenging to foreign students (or you could leave a comment about it), I’ll tell you about some particles in Japanese. Continua a leggere Learning a new language: Japanese Particles

Learning a new language 

My New Year’s resolutions for 2015 included the learning of a new foreign language and I couldn’t help but choose Japanese. Should you wonder why, it’s because I’ve always loved Japanese culture and strongly want to imageunderstand it a bit more. The reason why I am writing in English, instead, is that I wish non-Italian speaking people to understand what I say. In addition, as I’m not English-native-speaking, but willing to improve my writing skills, should I make mistakes (and sure you’ll find a lot), please feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

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